I made a pretty Fae character in EQII a month or so ago. I played her until I realised her wings were like Killian’s. So I deleted her today.  Then after I confirmed deletion I remembered she had quite a bit of $$ on her. Oops.


eight miles and Aion™

Ran eight miles out & back Sunday (100% VFF run for me). This is the last long run for my running partner before her firts Marathon on the 18th. She’s going to R.I. to run it and also visit family while there.

Have a fun Marathon, Sally! Wh00t!

I’ve been playing the new MMORPG Aion™ and it’s a LOT of fun. I love the flying ability. It’s amazing. I have two characters: Cleric and Ranger. I generally play a scout/assassin/ranger class so started with the Ranger. Then I decided to make a Cleric and must admit I’m having a bit of fun playing with her.

The other night I played with my DH and a couple online friends in a group. I had a blast, Generally I don’t like grouping. I suppose the people you play with make a big difference. Also – Teamspeak rocks. No having to type & fight at the same time.

early xmas!

Camera, Walkman, Fitness application with walk/run/calorie counters (included also is a ‘walk around the world’ application that calculates how long it would take for you to walk to various cities…), fast web-browsing, contacts & calendar able to sync w/ MS Office, Bluetooth Remote control, TV, News, Music, oh yeah and Phone. Plus sweet game applications (Bejeweled and Tetris!!) who knew Java apps looked so great on small phones?

Basically here’s the list of some core phone stuff:  Phone summary.

Yesterday I used the Walkman feature at the gym. It was GREAT to listen to My Chemical Romance-The Black Parade album while working out. Next will be some Nine Inch Nails… perhaps The Killers and 30 Seconds To Mars.

it can’t Rain all the Time

Friday, already. Looks like Veterans Day is Sunday November 11th to be observed Monday the 12th.

Ooh~Rah to all Vets. Husband and myself included.

Bought Hellgate London game last night. Which means I finally have upgraded to Vista and Office ’07. Therefore I have spent the last few hours Windows Updating 40~some odd updates and rebooting no less than five times. Where’s the Service Pack, again?

Regardless; I’m ready now to play Hellgate: Brought to you by some of the creators of Diablo (my all-time favorite game).

Still going to the gym almost every day… at least five times a week. Wh00t!

fish and chips

Tonight the young housekeeper told me the food I order is from the Resteraunt when asked if he cooks the food. But sometimes I hear them cooking downstairs! Also last weekend the day I did have breakfast I know he cooked it.
Last night Animax aired the final episode of Fullmetal Alchemist. Too bad the series just ended else I could have watched the entire show again. That’s where my latest tattoo came from, but we’ve already covered that ground.
Looks like the World Cyber Games is going to be in SEATTLE while I am NOT. Funny that I have to be watching TV in India to find out about a computer gaming convention happening in my own town.

ooooh, shiny!

  • Got haircut. Vertical bob. I thought I’d never have ‘short’ hair again but was sick of it long and stringy. I can pull it back in a clip if I try really hard when it’s wet however I do like it down. Easy maintenance and I think it looks fine with or without it being styled. Score for my hairdresser!
  • Tried snowboarding at the end of January for first (possibly last) time. Week later diagnosed with a rotator cuff injury on my right shoulder. Am now going to PT twice a week to exercise & heal it back up to shape. It’s a pain to work at a computer, sleep, get dressed. But hey! snowboarding was fun – except the part where I kept falling on the ice-packed snow.
  • Spouse bought us copies of World of Warcraft. I played a lot at first. Have tapered down since above injury.
  • Graduated from the Effective Communications & Human Relations Dale Carnegienight class that I’ve been taking for the last few months. I am now confident at work. For Real. I still blush sometimes, but that’s just my genetic make-up that I’ll have to live with forever. I hope Sylar dosen’t think blushing is an ability.
  • 100% cancelled my TV service. The DirecTV vendor in our area sucks. They have cost me 5 work days over the last 4 months by not ever fixing what they were supposed to fix. So after 8 years as a customer no more. Now we watch TV via whatever the iTunes TV thingy is.
    • Heroes and SV are the only shows I watched anyway.
  • Gave up on BSG. I stopped watching the show about 4 episodes into the new season. It grates on me for some reason. Spouse still watches it. I do miss Baltair.
  • Saw 300 Friday. GO SEE THIS MOVIE! It’s full of hot men & they do have hot women too (not as much screen time tho), stunning visuals and gladiator porn! (that’s fighting, btw). I can’t wait to own it. I may see it in the theater again. I hate going to the movie theater. For this movie – I will go again.