new schedule

Mon-Friday 8am – 5pm. Back to normal working hours. Exciting. I do admit I’m going to miss my mid-morning adventure-runs before 12pm.


signs of grey

I always thought my Mother’s grey hair was so pretty in all it’s variations. I have colored my hair off and on over the last 20 or so years. I haven’t had any color done to if for two years and now that I see more grey in it – the coloring is going to stop. I hope my grey hair turns out as beautiful as my Mom’s was.

My husband was a bit over-excited when he pointed out my first noticeable grey hair last summer. It was a pretty fun reaction. He grabbed my head and was all “I see a grey hair!” YANK! Thanks babe, that kinda hurt.


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Seahawks 12k Run

As soon as I have official results and hopefully pictures I’ll post about it. For now – here’s the run – holy crap best time for me EVER in my VFFs!! Make that best time for me ever Period!

Average speed was 6.7mph! 😐 woah! Way to go 40-yr-old me!

Time: 01:06:20
Distance: 7.41 mi

Avg Speed: 6.7 mph
Max Speed: 9.1 mph

Avg Pace: 08:57 min/mi
Best Pace: 06:36 min/mi

Updated: Found some real results!

My Stats:
overall place:  366 out of 883
division place:  9 out of 64   <—- In the top 10 of my division!
gender place (F):  112 out of 471
time:  1:06:17  (that’s 7.40 miles in 1hr 06 min) !!!
Total Stats:
Number of Finishers: 883
Number of Females: 471
Number of Males: 412
Average Time: 1:09:49 

Full results here:

take the long way home

My husband and I work in the same area. Yesterday was a day off for me and I planned my run as a “run home from work” event. Woke up to crazy snow-covered ground but I put the FiveFingers on anyway,  rode into work with the spouse and proceeded to make my way back home. 

The run was fantastic. Combo of street, sidewalk, paved trail, against the daily-grind-commute traffic and after making it 7.8 miles I have THIS to conquer! 

321 Elevation gain
see the powerline in the distance? That’s where I’m headed.

Running up that area I encountered large areas of water & mud that I couldn’t go around. 

So of course my VFFs got nice & muddy. Check out the Flickr! photos on the right if you’re interested. 

Overall elevation gain =  588 

get me to the church on time‏

Yesterday I went out for (what supposed to be) a short run before work. With my new job I don’t start until 12pm so I can be lazy about getting out later in the morning.
I ran around the neighborhood and veered off onto a trail – which I then took an obvious detour to a really NON-trail. Once I figured I was veering into “I’m going to be lost” territory I couldn’t turn around because a HUGE dog was chasing me and doing his duty of keeping me off his master’s property.
So I continued on this non-trail path and ended up in a marsh. I mucked through the mud and bog, crawled over a beaver dam and eventually made it to a stream to wash off my feet/VFFs/legs and continue on. (side note – that was SO MUCH FUN!)
With my trusty GPS watch tracking my movements, I knew I was over 3.25 miles away from home. I had no idea where the dirt road would take me but I took the left fork anyway. 

The FIRST building I came upon out of the clearing?   


This is an LDS church-my parents religion

With a “Thanks Mom!” I got my bearings and continued running home.

Figures Mom would direct me out of a bog and drop me off on the church doorstep, eh? She’s been trying to get me back to church for over 20 years and just because she’s passed doesn’t mean she’ll stop now!