signs of grey

I always thought my Mother’s grey hair was so pretty in all it’s variations. I have colored my hair off and on over the last 20 or so years. I haven’t had any color done to if for two years and now that I see more grey in it – the coloring is going to stop. I hope my grey hair turns out as beautiful as my Mom’s was.

My husband was a bit over-excited when he pointed out my first noticeable grey hair last summer. It was a pretty fun reaction. He grabbed my head and was all “I see a grey hair!” YANK! Thanks babe, that kinda hurt.


grey through the strawberry blonde

grey showing through the strawberry blonde

I am 40 years old and excited for grey hair. Is that odd? Or not? We’ll see. I feel like I’m just a girl following in her mother’s footsteps. I think Mom was in her 60s when she became full-on silver-grey.  Her hair was always so short so it turned fast.

My natural color is strawberry-blonde and pretty light. You can’t see the grey unless you’re totally up close…. for now!


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