Seahawks 12k Run

As soon as I have official results and hopefully pictures I’ll post about it. For now – here’s the run – holy crap best time for me EVER in my VFFs!! Make that best time for me ever Period!

Average speed was 6.7mph! 😐 woah! Way to go 40-yr-old me!

Time: 01:06:20
Distance: 7.41 mi

Avg Speed: 6.7 mph
Max Speed: 9.1 mph

Avg Pace: 08:57 min/mi
Best Pace: 06:36 min/mi

Updated: Found some real results!

My Stats:
overall place:  366 out of 883
division place:  9 out of 64   <—- In the top 10 of my division!
gender place (F):  112 out of 471
time:  1:06:17  (that’s 7.40 miles in 1hr 06 min) !!!
Total Stats:
Number of Finishers: 883
Number of Females: 471
Number of Males: 412
Average Time: 1:09:49 

Full results here:


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