take the long way home

My husband and I work in the same area. Yesterday was a day off for me and I planned my run as a “run home from work” event. Woke up to crazy snow-covered ground but I put the FiveFingers on anyway,  rode into work with the spouse and proceeded to make my way back home. 

The run was fantastic. Combo of street, sidewalk, paved trail, against the daily-grind-commute traffic and after making it 7.8 miles I have THIS to conquer! 

321 Elevation gain
see the powerline in the distance? That’s where I’m headed.

Running up that area I encountered large areas of water & mud that I couldn’t go around. 

So of course my VFFs got nice & muddy. Check out the Flickr! photos on the right if you’re interested. 

Overall elevation gain =  588 


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