get me to the church on time‏

Yesterday I went out for (what supposed to be) a short run before work. With my new job I don’t start until 12pm so I can be lazy about getting out later in the morning.
I ran around the neighborhood and veered off onto a trail – which I then took an obvious detour to a really NON-trail. Once I figured I was veering into “I’m going to be lost” territory I couldn’t turn around because a HUGE dog was chasing me and doing his duty of keeping me off his master’s property.
So I continued on this non-trail path and ended up in a marsh. I mucked through the mud and bog, crawled over a beaver dam and eventually made it to a stream to wash off my feet/VFFs/legs and continue on. (side note – that was SO MUCH FUN!)
With my trusty GPS watch tracking my movements, I knew I was over 3.25 miles away from home. I had no idea where the dirt road would take me but I took the left fork anyway. 

The FIRST building I came upon out of the clearing?   


This is an LDS church-my parents religion

With a “Thanks Mom!” I got my bearings and continued running home.

Figures Mom would direct me out of a bog and drop me off on the church doorstep, eh? She’s been trying to get me back to church for over 20 years and just because she’s passed doesn’t mean she’ll stop now!


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