recovering and a new Job

I started a new job on the 1st. The first two weeks were training and yesterday I began my official shift of “four-tens” Swing! Sun-Wed 12pm-10pm.

This is exciting because I am going to run in the mornings and be able to do stuff on my three-day weekends. I plan of volunteering at the animal sanctuary where I gave all of Killian’s stuff – cages, food, etc. Besides exotic birds they have lots of other animals they have taken in. Check it out:  I’m still really depressed regarding my Mom and Killian’s deaths. I wonder how long it will take to recover. I’ll never think of one without the other.

I started off my new swing schedule right by running 10 miles yesterday before work! I need to remember to take more stretch breaks and drink more water for recovery.

Although I haven’t signed up for any summer marathon – I agreed to train with my running partner for hers! So – I’m on a real training schedule again. She is LOVING her VFF Classics and is borderline fanatic. I love it! When she comments about other people in running shoes hurting themselves I reminded her we ran many miles together me in VFF and her going through many new shoes to help. She laughed and smiled and said “I KNOW!”  lol  I’m so happy she is transitioning to them. AND she works in a gym and has already influenced tons of people there.  Rock on woman!

OK Time to get ready for work. Tah

 PS: We totally re-vamped our house. It’s like we moved but not. I think it was my husband’s way of dealing with the loss of Killian. Paint, carpet, furniture moved around. It’s quite awesome actually.


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