Day by Day

Changes are afoot. All good, yet still full of stress in one way or another. I just need to make it through the month and things will get better. Isn’t that what we always say? The sun will some out tomorrow?

Regardless, I’ve started running a bit more. I’ve been outside on my trail, and on Valentines Day my running partner and I went to Volunteer Park in Seattle. It was fun and very beautiful.

as seen from Volunteer Park Water Tower

I miss my Mom. I miss Killian. I cry at night thinking about him dying alone and forgotten. This too shall pass. But when?

I cleaned up all of Killian’s cages and perches. Gave them a good power-scrub and have stored them in the garage. I’ve been off & on in touch with a lady who is going to take them for a parrot shelter.  I also gathered up three grocery bags of food throughout the cupboards to give her as well. Three bags. My parrot died of starvation with three grocery bags of parrot food in the house.  That was really hard.

I have nightmares about my cats dying now. At least the puppy isn’t affected by my morbid mind.

on the other hand… I really miss running and eating right! I’m happy to have turned the corner and getting out of my funk.


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