RIP my beautiful birdy bird

Killian RIP May 1999-Jan 24, 2010

Killian with his Dad

Killian with his Dad

Beethoven’s 5th by Killian Parrot

2004. Killian whistles his favorite tune. He is on the top, whistling. Jackie (also RIP) is inside the cage providing back-up sound.

Too young to die and no creature deserves this type of death.


While we were gone for mom’s funeral our best friend of 10 years said he’d stop by twice a day to feed our Blue Front Amazon parrot Killian and the cats. He has done this before and I left instructions.

When we returned home Sunday Killian was dead in his cage. His bowl was 100% empty and it looked like he had passed away that morning or the night before. His eyes were still moist. When I told the sitter it looked like Killian starved to death he said he couldn’t find the food so fed him bread. The entire week Killian was only given pieces of bread. Our poor baby bird. We had talked to our friend 3x throughout the week and he never said anything. We are horrified.

Killian was first my husband’s bird but mine as well as I’ve been in his life for the last 10 years. Killian was only 10½. My husband had gotten Killian when he was a baby as a companion to an older parrot Jackie who was in his final years. My husband had Jackie since he was 2 years old (husband is now 37). Jackie passed away four years ago.

As I’ve mentioned in my journal here, we’ve lost Jackie and two cats Sian & Aslan to old age over the last four years. This is so different. Killian was our first child and Blue Front Amazons have a life expectancy of 80 years.

The three cats are alive but they know something has happened. He really did come over every day and at least fed the cats their food. why why why why. I just don’t understand it.

Our poor baby.


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