just sleep

When a loved one is dying, perhaps one shouldn’t listen to The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance during your run. But I did and now I’m off to go visit my mother in Utah.

They are putting her on hospice home care. I’m lucky to have had her so long in my life. She had me at the age of 44. Memories of my mother are all after the age of 50. I’ve always had an ‘old’ mom.

At times I feel angry – if she had only treated herself better healthy and nutrition wise – I’d have her longer than this. Every time I’ve visited UT in the last decade I’ve wondered if it was the last time I’d see my mother. She’s been in the hospital more often than not over the last five years.

I am proud of her for being such a tom-boy! Thinking about it – in the 70s she was playing softball and riding her bike to work. This as she was in her late 50s and early 60s.

Go mom!


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