… and a new Job!

I also forgot to add the fact I started a new Job on Nov 2nd! Like I said – it’s been quite a month.


November Wrap

My 40th birthday, one puppy, and new VFF Sprints!

  Not one entry in November but it’s been quite a month! In October we acquired a new addition to the family. If you look at the flickr stream you will see a little Black & White puppy whom we have named Gnarly.

  He came home with us October 16th and has already gone from 4lbs to 8lbs! According to my dear husband, he was a birthday present for me. But I am a CAT person. Considering that my husband has been getting cats for me the last 10 years I decided it was OK that he got the dog.

Gnarly is not an endurance runner dog. However, I have taken him on a 2.5 mile run and only had to carry him for .7 miles (off and on) of the run. Just last night as we were jogging back from the mailbox I let him run full-on-out up our very long driveway and he’s quite the sprinter! Amazing those little legs can go so fast. It’ must be the poodle in him. He’s a “Havadoodle” which is a Havanese+Poodle mix.

  I have met a lady in my neighborhood who is a trail / endurance runner. She has accepted me as an occasional running mate even though I have my funky FiveFinger KSO shoes. On Nov 22 we went to Cougar Mountain and ran some muddy, wet, steep trails. It was awesome! Will post more about that later. I love looking back on my runs with my Garmin GPS.

  On Sat Nov 21 I had gone with my husband to purchase some VFF Treks for him. I am very very jealous. He is not a trail runner but loves wearing VFF KSOs. The black Treks are perfect for him @ the office this winter.

  Last but not least I was able to get myself some VFF Sprints. My KSOs are a size too big and these Sprints are the perfect fit. Unfortunately this makes them feel a little bit tight – but they’re not really. I also got a Nathan ‘Muse’ hydration pack. I’ve taken it on one short & one long run and absolutely love it! No bouncing at all even when the bottle is half full of water.

  I am running the Las Vegas Rock n Roll Full Marathon Sunday Dec 6th. I have run only 20 miles in these Sprints and really want to run the marathon in them. I think I will. If anything I can take them off & run barefoot for a while.  That’s what I did this weekend on my long run.

  I planned a 2~ish hour run. Around mile 9 I feared my feet were swelling in my new shoes. So I took off the Sprints and ran barefoot for 1.3 miles. My feet felt much better but the tiny rocks on the road were starting to dig in and not fall off so easy. I put the Sprints back on & ran the last 3.5 miles just fine – no swelling or pain.

  For Thanksgiving my husband & I took a holiday from the holiday. Usually we go all out but this year it was just us, the cats, dog and parrot. We had roast beef and potatoes and apple pie & ice cream for a happy ending. I am very thankful for my life. My husband is the best. Going on 10 years – to Infinity and Beyond!