eight miles and Aion™

Ran eight miles out & back Sunday (100% VFF run for me). This is the last long run for my running partner before her firts Marathon on the 18th. She’s going to R.I. to run it and also visit family while there.

Have a fun Marathon, Sally! Wh00t!

I’ve been playing the new MMORPG Aion™ and it’s a LOT of fun. I love the flying ability. It’s amazing. I have two characters: Cleric and Ranger. I generally play a scout/assassin/ranger class so started with the Ranger. Then I decided to make a Cleric and must admit I’m having a bit of fun playing with her.

The other night I played with my DH and a couple online friends in a group. I had a blast, Generally I don’t like grouping. I suppose the people you play with make a big difference. Also – Teamspeak rocks. No having to type & fight at the same time.


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