shoes and KSO run

6 miles in shoes, 14 miles in VFFs.

My running partner is training for her first full marathon to be held on October 18th. I agreeded to continue to run the Long Slow Runs with her, although I myself am no longer training for a full marathon.

Last Sunday was a scheduled 20 mile run. Her first 20 miler – only my fourth time running at 20+ miles this year. I hadn’t run at all last week due to the temp job hours throwing me off track.

We ran around a lake six and a half times. 

I ran the first six miles in my trail running shoes (that I ran my June marathon in). It was the first time running in shoes for three months. I wanted to be careful with my feet on the course. I hadn’t run around this lake before and didn’t know what to expect for the ground. I didn’t want to be stepping on any rocks that would re-injure my left foot (landed wrong on a rock weeks ago and it’s taken ages to recover).

However, I did bring my Vibram FiveFingers. I was going to carry them in my CamelBak but left them in the car since it was only a three mile loop.

After the first two laps (six miles) my back was starting get a knot I hand’t had since the marathon – the last time I ran in shoes. Although my feet were landing with my ‘new’ stride I’ve learned while barefoot and VFF running, my legs felt very heavy. Not a good sign.

Two laps I was able to determine the path was OK for VFF running. No big rock path obsticals, etc. So I changed into my KSO Vibrams and we were off and running again. I felt fresh – my legs were light again and within ten minutes the knot in my back was gone.

I hadn’t thought I would be able to finish the 20 mile run but after the third lap I knew I could – and I did. Time to incorporate more true barefoot runs in my training. The few miles I’ve run pure BF have helped my landing in footware of any kind a lot.

No matter what the distance is for the next race I sign u for – 5K, 10K, ½ or Full Marathon – I’ll be running it in my VFFs.

I’m just not paying $100 to do it. Can you believe the Rock n Roll marathon prices? Sheesh.


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