Bird Rescue

A little bird hit the window at our house. I went to check and the bird was still alive but not moving due to shock/fear.

I wrapped him up. When I tried to put him down a few times he’d nestle down into the towel more so I let him warm up for a …while and recover from shock.

Then we went back outside and encouraged him to hang out in an old bird nest. While in the nest he still let me pet him although he was on his own legs by then.

Eventually he hopped on the rim of the nest and flew away.  All pictures are here:

Recovering from shock

Recovering from shock


eight miles and Aion™

Ran eight miles out & back Sunday (100% VFF run for me). This is the last long run for my running partner before her firts Marathon on the 18th. She’s going to R.I. to run it and also visit family while there.

Have a fun Marathon, Sally! Wh00t!

I’ve been playing the new MMORPG Aion™ and it’s a LOT of fun. I love the flying ability. It’s amazing. I have two characters: Cleric and Ranger. I generally play a scout/assassin/ranger class so started with the Ranger. Then I decided to make a Cleric and must admit I’m having a bit of fun playing with her.

The other night I played with my DH and a couple online friends in a group. I had a blast, Generally I don’t like grouping. I suppose the people you play with make a big difference. Also – Teamspeak rocks. No having to type & fight at the same time.

shoes and KSO run

6 miles in shoes, 14 miles in VFFs.

My running partner is training for her first full marathon to be held on October 18th. I agreeded to continue to run the Long Slow Runs with her, although I myself am no longer training for a full marathon.

Last Sunday was a scheduled 20 mile run. Her first 20 miler – only my fourth time running at 20+ miles this year. I hadn’t run at all last week due to the temp job hours throwing me off track.

We ran around a lake six and a half times. 

I ran the first six miles in my trail running shoes (that I ran my June marathon in). It was the first time running in shoes for three months. I wanted to be careful with my feet on the course. I hadn’t run around this lake before and didn’t know what to expect for the ground. I didn’t want to be stepping on any rocks that would re-injure my left foot (landed wrong on a rock weeks ago and it’s taken ages to recover).

However, I did bring my Vibram FiveFingers. I was going to carry them in my CamelBak but left them in the car since it was only a three mile loop.

After the first two laps (six miles) my back was starting get a knot I hand’t had since the marathon – the last time I ran in shoes. Although my feet were landing with my ‘new’ stride I’ve learned while barefoot and VFF running, my legs felt very heavy. Not a good sign.

Two laps I was able to determine the path was OK for VFF running. No big rock path obsticals, etc. So I changed into my KSO Vibrams and we were off and running again. I felt fresh – my legs were light again and within ten minutes the knot in my back was gone.

I hadn’t thought I would be able to finish the 20 mile run but after the third lap I knew I could – and I did. Time to incorporate more true barefoot runs in my training. The few miles I’ve run pure BF have helped my landing in footware of any kind a lot.

No matter what the distance is for the next race I sign u for – 5K, 10K, ½ or Full Marathon – I’ll be running it in my VFFs.

I’m just not paying $100 to do it. Can you believe the Rock n Roll marathon prices? Sheesh.