still workin!

At the plastics temp job a few more days. I’ve settled in. I appreciate the full-timers here. How they do this off & on for years and years… wow


work week

I took a temp job working in a refrigerated environment last week for five days. Temperatures ranged from 28 to 38 degrees fahrenheit. The hours were long but work was so busy the time went by quickly.

I went with a friend and we were able to joke a bit while we worked in the monotonous environment. Even better was it got me out of the house doing something different besides running. I met new people and had a fun time. Oh yes and I lost three pounds by shivering my fat off, I suppose!

Today is a career fair downtown. Looking forward to it.

digging at the memories

It’s been a month since Aslan passed, and I still haven’t been able to write up a eulogy for him. I was able to do this for the last two animals in our household, but every time I think of Aslan I start crying again.

This is a reminder to myself I still need to honor him. He was with me for 12 years. I miss him so very much.

Aslan begging for a treat

Aslan begging for a treat