Ibuprofen – does a body good

It appears yesterday’s run has left me with a minor ankle sprain. I felt it begin around mile 15 when I started landing on my heels hard at the end of my foot-falls. I had to consciously imagine each step I was taking in my run… was as if I was running through snow.

When all else fails – that image is what helps me maintain my proper (for now, what I think is proper) form while running in my VFFs. I do want to purchase CHI / POSE running books and DVDs, but that will have to wait until I have a job.

Maybe this week I will actually give barefoot running a shot. While I don’t have paved roads or sidewalks – the neighborhood across the way does.

I used to run barefoot as a kid and even into my teenage years through my backyard all the time. I really want to give it a shot.

In the meantime – four ibuprofen have numbed my foot. bliss.

Edit to add: I think I know where I initially hurt my ankle. When I volunteered for the Trail Run Marathon Saturday morning,  I had to run a duffel bag that weighed at least 40 lbs out a mile to get the water to the marathoners for the first water drop.

Although I’m used to running that trail – I was NOT used to running with a very heavy duffel bag! I remember landing too hard at times.

… and then the long run on top of that… yep I was definitely landing too hard the end of my run. Live and Learn! At least it’s still a fun journey.


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