Out and back again for 18 miles

Today I joined two friends for an out & back run of 18 miles. I ran with my regular running partner and her trainer friend joined us. This woman is very fit, about 15 years younger than me and turns out – a great pacer!

She liked to run on the gravel side of the path, and I found that her cadence is similar to mine. So I’d listen to the crunch crunch crunchof her shoes on the gravel as I envisioned my VFF covered feet landing light as a feather on the tarmac.

This picture is from a couple weeks ago, but in the same area:

hot air balloon

hot air balloon


We didn’t see him out this morning. It was overcast for the first hour or so, and then very sunny the last bit.

I need to remember my small camera on runs. There are so many interesting things to see while running. Walkers, Roller-bladers, runners, and some guy on a self-propelled three-wheel stand up trike contraption.

My friend S. is training up for her first full marathon in October. She ran with me while I was training for mine, and I am happily returning the favor. Albeit in my Vibrams. Every new long distance is a new Personal Best for me in the Five Fingers.

Next week we’re scheduled to run 13 miles, so we’re going to join a local half marathon event to do it in! This will be my first official race in the VFFs and I’m looking forward to it

9 out - 9 back

9 out - 9 back

Here’s our path on the map today. I’m using my phone for GPS tracking, but still really really REALLY want a Garmin 205 Forerunner!


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