bump in the road

Is it because I’m nearing 40 or the fact that I am more self-aware than I have ever been in the past?

Whichever the case, I discovered a tiny bump under my arm… and after doctors visit last week… today I was able to receive my very first diagnostic mammogram!

All is good… but who knew one hour could be so long?

It’s an interesting experience, having my first mammogram to check out a lump.

First they took the regular screening mammograms shots, then more pictures that labeled it “diagnostic”. Once the images were taken I was ushered back to the waiting area where I was to wait for the Doctor to review the images and either give me good-to-go, or have an ultrasound done on the lump.

After waiting a few minutes – I got to go back for the ultrasound. More imaging.. more waiting… feeling around. Then the tech went to get the doctor. Once the doctor showed up we chatted about the bump, how it’s not something to worry about. It could be a blocked duct or an ingrown hair. I need to keep an eye on it, etc etc.

My doctor will have the film in a couple weeks – so we’ll go over the results in more detail. Maybe I can get some meds to help the bump go away. It’s not fun.

Oh yeah – coffee. The doc said that I may have too much caffeine in my system.

Please don’t take my coffee away. 😦


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