Squishy Bread vs. Killer Bread

“You are what you eat”, isn’t that how the saying goes?

I have fond memories of days in my youth when my mother would take us to the bakery with her. This wasn’t the mom-n-pop local bakery but the big Hostess one to stock up on Twinkies, CupCakes, Ding Dongs, and don’t forget the Wonder Bread.

My favorite thing to do with Wonder Bread was eat the crust, then roll the bread into a ball and pretty much turn it back into dough. I’d then eat the little dough-ball mini bite by mini bite until it was gone (what can I say – I was 5 at the time). It appears they’ve even snagged my memory to display on their website!

Fluffy, mushable, toastable and squishable – these are the bread types you remember from your childhood

There was never a hide-nor-hair sign of wheat, let alone whole-grain, bread. I truly don’t recall ever being introduced to wheat bread in my youth. When ordering at a restaurant if ever presented with the question “white or wheat” of course I’d pick ‘white’. What the heck would I want textured bread for? Wasn’t bread supposed to be smooth and squishy?

Thank goodness things changed for me as an adult. I actually have to thank my husband. He enjoyed wheat bread and introduced me to simple wheat bread – then bread with actual oats on the top. Bread with Texture! Who’d have thought?

Then last year I turned a new leaf and became truly health-conscious. I became aware of what I was eating, what made up the foods I was eating – what my body was using as fuel to power my running and every-day life. I was finally able to say “Good-Bye” to the little girl raised on CupCakes and Ding Dongs as a reward system. You don’t reward a fine-tuned machine with junk!

Did you know that some (make that a lot) of wheat breads use High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) as an ingredient? When I discovered this by label-reading I’d constantly look at labels of bread, even if I checked them the week prior. You never know what’s going to change.

Then one day I happened upon a bread with the tag-line “Just Say NO to Bread on Drugs”  I knew immediately this was the bread I was looking for (I still read the label and as promised – no drugs!)

I had discovered… Dave’s Killer Bread. The bread is amazing. Our favorite is Powerseed for PB&Js and even dessert! I enjoy a piece or two of Blues Bread for toast & jam before heading out on a run. It’s a pleasure to eat, fills you up, very very tasty… and is good for your system! It’s not the squishy bland bread we were raised on … this bread has character and that’s something for an inanimate object.

Check out the products and ingredients and heck – the overall site in general. We were lucky enough to meet Dave himself over the weekend at a local Food Fair. In the words of my DH:

Got to meet Dave, who is the guy behind the great North West’s best bread, Dave’s Killer Bread. Cool guy, great bread. If you think being a fan of bread is weird, that’s fair. It is out of this world bread though. Dave has a cool story too, inspirational second chances. 

A question for you: Do you prefer ‘Squishy Bread’ or ‘Killer Bread’?   Now replace ‘Bread’ with ‘Body’ and think about it.

After all – we are what we eat. Right?

KillerBreadMan with Oboros

KillerBreadMan with Oboros

 Learn more about the bread and the amazing backstory on Dave’s site Dave’s Killer Bread and on Twitter.



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  2. Hey there. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I am glad to hear your transition to the Vibrams has gone so well. Just 1 tattoo for me so far, though I am getting my second this fall (when my daughter gets her first). I’m sorry about Aslan. And, although I live in the southeast so am probably out of Dave’s territory, I definitely vote Killer body/bread. 🙂

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