9 miles with 18oz of water

This afternoon I meant to run about three to four miles. I don’t need my CamelBak for that short of distance so I filled my 22oz bottle of water not all the way full, wrapped a bandanna around my hand+bottle since I don’t have a fancy hand-held bottle at this time… and was off!

As I ran down the power-line trail, I decided to stay on it instead of veering off onto the running / horseback trail. Turns out I ran farther down the power-line road than I ever had before. And by down I really mean down steep!

By the time I reached the bottom of the power-line trail (mile 2) I figured I’d just keep going instead of turning back up. Although I enjoy running in my KSOs, I can only take so much limestone gravel at a time.

Miles 3 through 6 were a mix of street and sidewalk running. I was very pleased with my progress during mile 5-6, as I stayed a pretty consistent pace during the ascent. 

down & up

down & up

I found the North trail entrance at mile 6. It was pleasant to duck back into the trees away from cars for the rest of my run. I encountered one other person… she looked like a runner who was walking a puppy off-leash on the trail. I don’t have a problem with that, but I feel like I should have reminded her this is a Bear, Cougar & Mtn Lion wildlife preserve. That puppy was so dang cute and definitely snack sized!

Throughout the run I would sip every so often on my water bottle, thinking how I’ve relied on my CamelBak for so long. I do like it – but maybe I should up the requirements of needing it on “long” runs. Nine miles used to be long… now my definition is more like 13? We’ll see.

On a VFF / KSO note: Since I thought I was going to run short, once again I failed to wear my Injinji socks. My KSOs are a size too big. Reason = I tried them on the day I ran 20 miles for the first time. Felt like I was getting a nice massage on my feet. mmmmm.

In the end, a couple new blisters showed up from the rubbing. I felt them starting up at mile 4. Maybe it’s a mental thing… ‘Mile 4’ being the magic “I need my socks!” number.

Good news is that the blisters have already gone down since I drained them (the safe way – I’m not letting blood blisters fester ever again) showered, applied lotion and socked up my footsies.

My form felt natural. Still need to relax and just let go sometimes.. hips forward, etc. The few times I walked I made sure I continued to pick my knees up. I think it’s time for me to read up on POSE/CHI walk+running.

round she goes!

round she goes!

And in the end: My water lasted me all the way to mile 9, where I finished off the last swig.

I used to not like water. Now it’s pretty much the only thing I drink. Cool, Clear, Water.


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