yet it was still fun

Sunday run was a lovely 12 mile out & back along the E Lake Samammish trail. The path is full of gravel, with small to not-so-mid-sized rocks.

Two of these mid-sized rocks, the ball of my left foot had the unfortunate chance of landing spot on – two foot falls in a row. This was around mile four. Eight miles to go, and for me it became a bit of a mind game.

Running in my VFFs on a trail like this – you definitely need to relax your body. I also don’t like to dwell too much about “proper form” and such but at the same time you do need to have your awareness high for where the feet are going to land.

Once you have a bruised foot – the awareness level about where your foot is about to land maxes out and you can’t concentrate on much else. What fun is that? So – we turn it into a game of sorts. I started with the swinging motion of my legs. This actually helped a bit. The motion is almost like the “wax-on, wax-off” form that we learned from Mr. Miyagi as kids, but with your legs & feet instead of arms & hands.

Mile five was magic. There was a mist that we ran through for about 20 minutes, like a cloud was on the ground and we happened to delve inside it. It was beautiful and peaceful to be surrounded by trees… a lake on one side and running in the mist. At one point I felt like we were running in the Legend of Sleepy Hollow land, even though it was morning not night.

My running partner had some ibuprofen so I took it around mile seven although I’ve heard it doesn’t help much in the middle of a run. Yet maybe it helped a bit. Mind over matter and all that.

We returned to our starting location in much better spirits than when we started out. Funny how that always happens.

This morning I have a beautiful bruise on my foot that will most likely be gone in a couple days. Live and learn… plus it’s just a part of my feet getting stronger, in my opinion.


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