shoe transition to VFFs for running

I started running in my pretty Gel Kayano Asics April ’08. Ran a bit. Forward to November ’08 hubby bought me pair of Salmon Ultras for trail running in the winter. Ran the trails a lot and really liked the feel of the Salmons.

During my marathon training the 18+ milers killed my toes in my Asics. Plus my feet felt like they were on fire. The next long run I took my Salmons and liked it a lot more. I decided that day I’d run the marathon in the Salmons.

THEN I discovered VFFs, got my KSOs and started trail running in them (6 miles & under only). I really wanted to run the marathon in them but it was coming up in 3 weeks so I knew that was too soon. I had read up on tons of MR articles, etc and decided that day to take out all the ‘support’ that comes with shoes… Salmon included.

My last long run before the marathon, 22 miles.. I ran 11 miles in the Salmons with my KSOs in my camelbak ‘just in case’.  At mile 11 there was a park so I switched to the KSOs and carried the Salmons the rest of the run (which was on a nice gravel trail, not asphalt). My toes were SO happy!     Note, I wore Injinji socks that day in the shoes & kept them on for the Vibrams.

In the end, I ran the marathon in the Salmons with no inserts in them.  When my feet started hurting in the 20+ mile ranges, I would just wiggle my Injinji toes inside the shoes and remind myself I was at the start of a new journey.

Since the marathon I haven’t run in anything but my Vibram FiveFingers KSOs. Short runs, long runs, trail runs, treadmill runs, asphalt runs. I’m loving it. My black toenails have healed and my blisters are almost gone. I only wear the Injinji socks during long runs.

From Sunday’s run I just crossed the 100 mile mark in my VFFs!  Shoe Transition Complete!

distances on my running shoes. April 08 - July 09

distances on my running shoes. April '08 - July '09


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