Out & Back

Completed my weekly long run Sunday. It was a 14 mile out & back on a paved trail. I wore my KSOs of course. My running partner and I both had a pretty bad week prior. I let her lead the pace because she runs for stress relief. I usually don’t, but had so many thoughts about Aslan I said Why Not.

In the end we completed the 14 miles at a 10:06 average pace. Holy crap! That’s faster than my race pace. Today I am not sore so I guess it’s all good. This was my longest run yet in FiveFingers. I suppose I’m ready for a half marathon in them!

We were done by 10:30 and home by 11. Today is a nice and relaxing day. No extra outings… just staying in with my remaining cats. They have been acting different this week. I do believe they miss Aslan as well – and know he’s not coming back.


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