beautiful Sunday

Sunday morning S. came over for our Long Run in the trails around where I live. It was a great run! Our overall pace was comparable to our flat-surface pace, maybe about 40 sec under. We ran nine miles through a variation of trails. I was in my KSOs, of course. I hit one rock that gave me a bruise on the bottom of my right foot.

When that was done, my husband and I took a drive in Roxy the Jeep and visited Snoqualmie Falls. SO beautiful. We both wore our KSOs and had fun cavorting around the rocks and in the water.

The only downside to that is, now two days later and the bottoms of my feet are still tender. One from running nine miles on a trail and two from hiking to the bottom of the falls and said cavorting!

In other news, Mekare’s eye is healing well – so sayeth the eye doctor from Monday morning’s visit.

In other other not so great news, my eldest cat is dying. His body is shutting down bit by bit daily. He’s 17 years old. I am torn. Should he die a natural death, or take him to the vet for euthanasia? I’ve been preparing myself for the last six months for this, and I still don’t know the answer.

Lastly, it’s supposed to be 95+ all this week. Today is Day Two of it. My poor cats. We don’t have A/C. Why would you need Air Conditioner in the Pacific NorthWest Rainforest?


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