My gait changed today!

I started MR running May this year in KSOs. I started out with 2-5 miles a few times a week on a trail with a big variety of surface types (rocks, gravel, dirt, mulch) with the occasional treadmill run.

Fast forward to July I’ve started wearing my KSOs for my Long Runs (10+) on tarmac. Just the other day I wondered aloud to my running partner ‘Why hasn’t my stride changed yet”? We know my landing has chagned, obviously no more heel-strike but something was missing.
I have read Barefoot Ted’s blog. many other articles, videos on BFRunning. Finished Born to Run a couple weeks ago.

I visited the Barefoot fourms in Runner’s World about a recent pain in the top of my foot…. was pointed toward more “go slow, change your stride, relax and the rest will follow” topics that we all know and love.

I’ve read Barefoot Bob’s blog a few times. I know his #1 rule is RELAX! And then… run with your hips… your legs fall under your body not in front of them (my problem).

I was paying so much attention to how my foot was landing.

Then on one of the RW forum threads – someone said: It’s like you’re running through mud or muddy water. I thought to myself: I’ve done that. I also like to run in the snow. Same motion. I can do that.

So, to make a long story just a little bit longer: I imagined my trail covered in snow today. Running with picking up my knees to get through the ‘snow’.

And it WORKED! Everything fell into place.

It felt natural, like I could run forever. Going down hills I felt like a kid gone wild and had to regin it in so I wouldn’t trip & splat on my face. Hips forward, running through the ‘snow’, I even tried to incorporate the ‘swinging around the legs’ motion that was mentioned. I’ll have to work on that bit.

Looking back I tried to picture how my feet were landing. Guess what? I can’t remember much! I was having too much fun running through the ‘snow’ that wasn’t there.  

For me what worked was concentrating on the take-off, not the landing, of the foot.


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