eye surgery for teh kitteh

One of my cats is headed into surgery today. She has Feline Corneal Sequestra in her right eye. Her litter-mate brother had the exact same thing in BOTH of his eyes last year, and went through surgery. He recovered well.

The cats are now about six years old. It can be contageous but my oldest Persian (17 and unrelated) has never shown signs of this. I hope our little Himalayan never gets it. It’s very painful.

Info: Feline Corneal Sequestra

On another note: I ran 12 miles on tarmac in my Vibram FiveFingers yesterday. That’s my longest run yet in the VFFs.

After affects:

  • My calves are a bit tight but not as tight as they were after last week’s run (11 miles). I’m very happy with the way my legs are adapting / developing!
  • I have a bruise on the top of my left foot that I felt bloom around mile 7. I can’t say it’s the VFFs because I had the same bruise show up during the Marathon I ran last month. I ran the marathon in Salmon XA PRO 3D Ultra shoes (without the inserts).

Speaking of marathon… I still need to write up a race report. Doh!

Maybe after I return from the Vet. Family First.


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