Aslan, Requiescat in pace

I adopted Aslan when he was 5. He enjoyed life with me from March 1997 – July 29 2009. Aprox 17 years old.

I’ll return to write a proper Eulogy for him. Right now I just need to curl up with the other kitties and cry for a while.

Aslan: Requiescat in pace

Aslan: Requiescat in pace


beautiful Sunday

Sunday morning S. came over for our Long Run in the trails around where I live. It was a great run! Our overall pace was comparable to our flat-surface pace, maybe about 40 sec under. We ran nine miles through a variation of trails. I was in my KSOs, of course. I hit one rock that gave me a bruise on the bottom of my right foot.

When that was done, my husband and I took a drive in Roxy the Jeep and visited Snoqualmie Falls. SO beautiful. We both wore our KSOs and had fun cavorting around the rocks and in the water.

The only downside to that is, now two days later and the bottoms of my feet are still tender. One from running nine miles on a trail and two from hiking to the bottom of the falls and said cavorting!

In other news, Mekare’s eye is healing well – so sayeth the eye doctor from Monday morning’s visit.

In other other not so great news, my eldest cat is dying. His body is shutting down bit by bit daily. He’s 17 years old. I am torn. Should he die a natural death, or take him to the vet for euthanasia? I’ve been preparing myself for the last six months for this, and I still don’t know the answer.

Lastly, it’s supposed to be 95+ all this week. Today is Day Two of it. My poor cats. We don’t have A/C. Why would you need Air Conditioner in the Pacific NorthWest Rainforest?

My gait changed today!

I started MR running May this year in KSOs. I started out with 2-5 miles a few times a week on a trail with a big variety of surface types (rocks, gravel, dirt, mulch) with the occasional treadmill run.

Fast forward to July I’ve started wearing my KSOs for my Long Runs (10+) on tarmac. Just the other day I wondered aloud to my running partner ‘Why hasn’t my stride changed yet”? We know my landing has chagned, obviously no more heel-strike but something was missing.
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eye surgery for teh kitteh

One of my cats is headed into surgery today. She has Feline Corneal Sequestra in her right eye. Her litter-mate brother had the exact same thing in BOTH of his eyes last year, and went through surgery. He recovered well.

The cats are now about six years old. It can be contageous but my oldest Persian (17 and unrelated) has never shown signs of this. I hope our little Himalayan never gets it. It’s very painful.

Info: Feline Corneal Sequestra

On another note: I ran 12 miles on tarmac in my Vibram FiveFingers yesterday. That’s my longest run yet in the VFFs.

After affects:

  • My calves are a bit tight but not as tight as they were after last week’s run (11 miles). I’m very happy with the way my legs are adapting / developing!
  • I have a bruise on the top of my left foot that I felt bloom around mile 7. I can’t say it’s the VFFs because I had the same bruise show up during the Marathon I ran last month. I ran the marathon in Salmon XA PRO 3D Ultra shoes (without the inserts).

Speaking of marathon… I still need to write up a race report. Doh!

Maybe after I return from the Vet. Family First.

a new trail run

I am fortunate to live is a semi-suburb area that is surrounded by trails. People drive to where I live to walk, run, bike and horseback. It took me two years before I ventured out into my own backyard for some trail walks, eventual runs and now running in my FiveFingers.

I live on a plateau, so all runs out of my house start with going downhill and the end of the run is back uphill. Fun times.

Up until now, I’ve pretty much stayed on the trails on my side of the street. Yesterday I actually got the gumption to cross the street and run a different trail! The shock!

I completed four and a quarter miles of pavement, rocks, gravel, dirt, mulch and even a wooden bridge. It was a great run. My legs aren’t tight today – good sign my calves are getting used to proper running. Running across the bridge was a blast I felt like a Ninja!

Tomorrow I’m going on an 11 mile run with a friend. This will be the longest run yet in my VFFs! The longest prior has been nine miles. That was the second half of my first 20 mile run when I was training for the Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon. I had put my VFFs in my camelbak, and halfway through the run my blisters were hurting so bad I said to hell with it and changed shoes. It’s a small camelbak, so I carried the trail shoes the entire 9 miles while running in my VFFs.

I really am looking forward to running longer, stronger, faster in these shoes. Not sure if I’ll ever venture into the barefoot running territory, but you never know.

Transfering my life to wordpress

I hadn’t realiased how many old posts I had. Currently I’ve transfered over 103 entries. I’ve even left smaller posts out.

Entering posts on +smoking rants (back when I still smoked over 3 years now) has been interesting to read and remember how I used to be. I was so adamant about my right to smoke! I really did enjoy those nasty things. yuck.

I haven’t even touched about health, exercise, running, or Vibram FiveFingers yet!  My tagline says I enjoy running, and I really do. It’s just that my old self hasn’t caught up with the new one yet.

Time for some tea, and then on to continue updating my life.