25 Randoms about Me

I like this meme so I’m xfering it to my blog off of Facebook

  1. Action flicks are better than chick flicks 
  2. I have many scars in lots of different places 
  3. Knew by th 10th grade I didn’t want to become a mother – but I do make a great Nanny and Aunt 
  4. I have visited or at least driven through every state in the U.S. and have traveled to seven other countries 
  5. After ten years of smoking, I quit on the first attempt 
  6. Still consider myself a gamer although I only log about four hours a month now 
  7. Married the fifth man who asked 
  8. Can write backwards and it matches my forward style of handwriting 
  9. Wanted to join the LAPD but served in the United States Marine Corps instead 
  10. 42 
  11. I have been collecting Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell calendars since ’91 and was v. happy when they married in ’94 & joined forces 
  12. When I write the book about my life adventures it will be published under a pseudonym 
  13. Haven’t quite found my place in life – not that I’m currently looking for it 
  14. Now is the Time for All Good Men to Come to the Aid of Their Country = best learn to type line ever 
  15. I’m starting to have aspirations to be an Ultra Trail Runner, but for now we’ll see if I can finish the Marathon first 
  16. My smile is genuine 
  17. I love my husband and he knows just how much 
  18. Milla Jovovich (Alice, Leeloo) is my new Sigourney Weaver (Ripley
  19. I have a form of Rosacea, people who don’t know me seem to be pretty amused I blush so easily 
  20. I collect knives and keep them displayed throughout the house Just In Case 
  21. On that note I do miss my Glock 9mm 
  22. I want more tattoos 
  23. There are four cats and one parrot living in the house with us – we live to serve 
  24. I’m happy Facebook exists 
  25. My entire family rocks and I’m really lucky to have my sister as also a best friend

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