Sian, the beautiful princess

I moved to Washington with my Persian cat, Aslan. Soon we met Joe with his parrots Jackie and Killian, and we became one big happy family. Within a year, Joe suggested that Aslan should have a friend. So in October of 2001 we visited Pet-Smart and adopted a beautiful Himalayan, who we named Sian in honor of her Siamese-Persian heritage.

Sian, true to her Siamese nature, was a bit snappish to Aslan and didn’t snuggle with him often. Only when they had their semi-annual ‘Lion Cuts’ would she consider the Aslan snuggle.

Aslan & Sian after Lion Cuts

Aslan & Sian after Lion Cuts

A few years later we brought a pair of kittens into the house. Sian was not too happy about that, but did her best to tolerate them as well. Jackie, Joe’s companion parrot of his youth, passed on in the year of the kittens.


Sian, Aslan and the kittens

Sian, Aslan and the kittens

Throughout the years the issues that plagued Sian when we adopted her continued to haunt her more often than naught. Countless veterinarian visits over seven years would not be able to help her fully, but we gave her the best life we could during that time.

This morning we took Sian to her final veterinarian visit, and kissed her goodbye. Our pet family is now three cats and one parrot. Say hi to Jackie for us, Princess Sian.

Sian the regal princess

Sian the regal princess

Sian, with us from 10/05/01 to 12/01/08


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