The commonality of 9,300 cigarettes and $3K

Something that I started late in life was smoking. I did not smoke while in the Marines. I did not pick up the habit from my companions on the fishing boat in the middle of the Pribilof Islands (something they appreciated as I was the one to bring everyone coffee during the scheduled 10 min breaks in our 20+ hour shifts).

I started smoking after I landed a job in the IT industry. The people who smoked had more breaks away from the 24×7 help desk mentality. No excuse, but that’s the one I latched onto and kept for the next decade.

When I met my husband, a casual smoker, one of the first things he said to me after we were married was “You’re going to stop smoking now, right?” I smiled and said “You bought me broken, love”.

Fast forward seven years. I knew smoking was taking a toll. I had passed the decade of smoking mark. My husband had long since given up asking when I was going to quit.

Finally I made a project plan and stopped smoking. No second guesses, no fall backs. I never smoked again after the last. My husband successfully quit with me.

Every so often I’ll look at my QuitMeter to see my progress. Today it reports:

Quit on 04/24/07
73 weeks quit
9,304 cigarettes not smoked
$3,047 saved

Looking at the above – I never thought something could be so disgusting and amazing at the same time.


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