My first 5K event: IronGirl Seattle, WA

Last week I was scanning the Northwest:: Running Events site looking for a 5K to run. Chip timing was important, as I was very curious about my ‘race pace’ since I’ve never raced. I don’t have a pace/time device (yet) and on the gym treadmill I’ve been going by mph and have only recently discovered the pace feature.

I was in luck! I saw the Aflac Iron Girl Seattle Women’s 10K & 5K. Checking out the site informed me it was an all-women event with over 2,000 people expected! Intriguing, but only a week away. Should I do it? Could I do it?

  1. I’m people-phobic. Is 2,000+ too many people for me to be around?
    ……. I remind myself I have survived Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. Also, India.
  2. I’ve never run a 5K, let alone trained for one. It’s only a week away!
    ……. Yet, last month I hit the ‘5K’ button on the treadmill and finished in 34 minutes. Seems like training to me!
  3. I’m looking for a hobby. Should I turn running events into a hobby? I see a lot of people at work with running and biking race bibs on proud display. They seem healthy and happy – perhaps it’s time to look into this race thing.
    ……. Patricia, Phil and Dawn respond to my ‘should I’ query and give me the encouragement to take the next step. Thank you all!

Saturday I went to the lake with a couple friends to pick up my race packet and scope out the site. Sunday was the day.

Start Line: Pace mile marker what? I have wondered how people knew where to stand at the beginning of a race. I lined up between 9 min-mile and 10 min-mile markers. Turns out I guessed right.

Race: Not much to report here. Never tried drinking out of a dixie cup while running before. Most of the water missed my mouth and ended up on my shirt.

Once my heart rate monitor beeped real loud and angry at me when I hit my Max Heart Rate. I slowed back down.

I did not bring my headset as I was not sure if it was allowed. Lots of ladies had them. Past regret. My pace on the treadmill has been to my music. It was fun running without it anyway.

Finish Line: Over so soon? The race clock said 30:10 when I crossed. I was disappointed. Then I remembered I was back in the pack – so my time will probably be under 30! This is why Chip Timing is neat! The announcer didn’t call out my name… don’t blame him for not trying to pronounce it.

IronGirl 5K Results 5K=3.10 miles
Number of finishers: 1283
Average time: 37:42

My Time: 29:51
My Pace: 09:38

it’s official I run under a 10 minute mile!!!

division: F3539
division place: 52 out of 281
overall place: 282 out of 1283

End Result: Next event? Sign me up!


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