Spring snow

Last night and today it has been winter. This is more snow than we had all of December!

Lucky for us we just had a lot of trees cut down this week that would have been all over the driveway and potentially the house had we not. At it is now – only a couple fell over. They have since been cut up by my husband and friend. Let’s hear it for chainsaw parties!


health motivation

Have I mentioned how much I love my Polar watch? It is the F55 model and really keeps me motivated. I program it my goals for the week, and it keeps me in my heart-rate range to achieve said goals. It even keeps track of my ‘body’ workouts, for example when I do weight training or sit-ups, etc.

It comes with a subscription to polarpersonaltrainer.com also. I sync my watch up with the web site, and I can keep track of all sorts of fun facts. It shows the caloric amount along with my OwnRelax which is similar to resting heart. Lower the better. I’m getting there. I got the watch in October and that’s when I really started working out. It’s fun. I feel great. Wh00t!

Of course my husband working out with me is also a great motivation. Him and my watch. It’s all I need.

still gym rats

J and I are still going to the gym 5x a week. We’re moving into the third straight month so that’s something good. I have been doing situps on a decline bench. It’s at the lowest degree. They hurt, but I actually look forward to doing more every day.

My High School 20th reunion is this year. Looks like we’ll be heading to Utah this summer!