Spring snow

Last night and today it has been winter. This is more snow than we had all of December!

Lucky for us we just had a lot of trees cut down this week that would have been all over the driveway and potentially the house had we not. At it is now – only a couple fell over. They have since been cut up by my husband and friend. Let’s hear it for chainsaw parties!


New Job

I accepted an offer for a new MS job today. My start date is To Be Determined but it will definitely be within four weeks (because that’s the internal transition time rules).

Here is where I’m going: exCHANGE your Career and here is my soon-to-be-new-role: Exchange User Assistance – Technical Writer! Fun times! I am moving into a High Energy field! Wh00t!

health motivation

Have I mentioned how much I love my Polar watch? It is the F55 model and really keeps me motivated. I program it my goals for the week, and it keeps me in my heart-rate range to achieve said goals. It even keeps track of my ‘body’ workouts, for example when I do weight training or sit-ups, etc.

It comes with a subscription to polarpersonaltrainer.com also. I sync my watch up with the web site, and I can keep track of all sorts of fun facts. It shows the caloric amount along with my OwnRelax which is similar to resting heart. Lower the better. I’m getting there. I got the watch in October and that’s when I really started working out. It’s fun. I feel great. Wh00t!

Of course my husband working out with me is also a great motivation. Him and my watch. It’s all I need.

still gym rats

J and I are still going to the gym 5x a week. We’re moving into the third straight month so that’s something good. I have been doing situps on a decline bench. It’s at the lowest degree. They hurt, but I actually look forward to doing more every day.

My High School 20th reunion is this year. Looks like we’ll be heading to Utah this summer!