a not-go-fare-thee-well to 2007

Bye bye 2007. I am not sorry to see you go. The only good thing that came out of you –  is that what you put me through has made me stronger, my marriage more solid, and bridged our communication gaps. We have survived you – we will survive anything else the universe throws our way the rest of our lives.

Thanks to my best friend and hero of a husband, and my family who is like the Rock of Gibraltar. I don’t think I could have made it without you all.


early xmas!

Camera, Walkman, Fitness application with walk/run/calorie counters (included also is a ‘walk around the world’ application that calculates how long it would take for you to walk to various cities…), fast web-browsing, contacts & calendar able to sync w/ MS Office, Bluetooth Remote control, TV, News, Music, oh yeah and Phone. Plus sweet game applications (Bejeweled and Tetris!!) who knew Java apps looked so great on small phones?

Basically here’s the list of some core phone stuff:  Phone summary.

Yesterday I used the Walkman feature at the gym. It was GREAT to listen to My Chemical Romance-The Black Parade album while working out. Next will be some Nine Inch Nails… perhaps The Killers and 30 Seconds To Mars.

dusting of snow

December greets us with a bit of snow. Not like last year – just enough of to stay on the trees for a bit: It feels like a nice & lazy day due to seeing the snow outside. The kind of day you stay on the computer and play computer games while drinking coffee and hot chocolate.

However, eventually I will take a walk in the snow across the street to the gym. I need to bring my latest exercise log home to input my miles into the computer and then mix my program up a bit. It’s time to kick it up a notch.