this is your life – you own it

We ventured out to a movie theatre today to see Beowulf. I really enjoyed it. Neil Gaiman had a hand in the Screenplay, which was most excellent. Sure it went a bit off the beaten path of the original poem but I thought it was well adapted.

There were a LOT of cool previews! The one that interested me the most: Wanted. Not until March. drat.

There was also a music video from 3 Doors Down on the Army. Who cares if it was an Army commercial. The video ruled. Thank you to this band for honoring the military.

Regarding going to the theatre: It was a matinee so not very crowded – but I still was pretty uncomfortable with all the people around. This is my first time to a movie since I’ve returned home. I have been to the mall a couple times but that has always been during a week-day.

I am still exercising! Today I went to the gym later in the day due to the movie. I didn’t go until 4pm, and was there until 5:30pm. Although it seemed more crowded than usual, one of the elliptical’s I really like was available. Then I worked on upper-body strength. It was a younger crowd today. I guess my usual time is with the housewives and retirees. Which suits me just fine.

I am still loosing weight, but this time it’s healthy-getting-in-shape loss not forgetting-to-eat loss.

PS: The movie Jumper looked pretty cool, too.

PPS: This wasn’t one of the previews, but damit. An Omega Man redux. With Will Smith. rock on. I Am Legend. December 14th. Sweet.


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