Great American Smokeout

Looks like today was the annual Great American Smokeout day. Congratz to any and all who are current smokers who were willing and able to quit for the day. Try again. and again and again. Eventually it really will be your last day.

Back when I did smoke, I remember seeing this day on the news: Laughing and then lighting up. Nothing made me want to smoke more than someone telling me to quit.

I successfully stopped smoking in April 2007. Here’s how I did it:

Obtain one Fullmetal Alchemist tattoo two weeks before quit date.

fma Ouroboros tattoo

fma Ouroboros tattoo

This serves as a visual reminder that I have made a commitment and a promise to myself. Tattoo not recommended for everyone but hell – it worked for me.

Chantix. If you can get it – use it. I only used it up to my quit date. I have never smoked since. Chantix really took the pleasure out of smoking the two weeks I was on it while smoking towards my quit date. By the time my quit date rolled around I was actually thankful I was smoking my last cigarette. Tasted terrible.

Allen Carr and The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. Great book. I read this the day after my quit date. In his book Mr Carr does what I like to call a ‘reverse brainwashing’ about the ‘joys’ of smoking. Fun site. According to this for me: Today is 29 weeks, 5 hours, 29 minutes, 23 seconds since my last cigarette. 3,454 smokes not smoked… $1,131.18 saved.

That’s just nice to read every so often. And it gets better every day.


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