health related post

  • How High Should Heart Rates Go? Good article on understanding your Heart Rate.
  • The Yoga Garden. It’s not enough that I have started exercising approximately 1½hrs @ 5 days a week. Now I feel the need for Yoga?

    The Yoga Garden is right by my gym. Massage is also part of their services. My lower back has started to feel a light strain/pull of… something. I just started stretching after every work-out this week, but my back remains a bit off. Sitting in my massage chair at home helps a bit. I think I’ll look into it. Also I do believe I require this type of thing for health related purposes of my mind.

    They offer some type of % discount to Thrive members. Always a good motivator – to feel like you’re saving money when in reality you’re just spending it.

  • First I’ll try the GAIAM Balance Ball and DVD that I got last year for xmas that I’ve never used for it’s true purpose (I found the 55cm ball makes a killer foot-rest under my computer desk). Maybe I won’t need to visit a Yoga facility, after all.


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