it’s a Hyperlink kind of day

TMI From Dove. Interesting article on Dove’s campaign. I liked it and enjoyed the videos the author referenced. Especially the one at the end of the article, to whit:

Apropos of nothing: We really liked this completely unrelated ad. Reminds us of when Tarantino made good movies.

Dale Carnegie Training, indeed. LOL (Actually I highly recommend the Dale Carnegie course to anyone; I’m a proud Graduate, myself).

In other news, this article: Fall back: It’s finally time to reset your clock is more about Sleep than the up-and-coming “Fall-back one-hour” this weekend. I liked the interactive Stages of sleep picture at the top of the article.

Also today: My Heart Rate Monitor has arrived! Tomorrow I am going to get to know it.

Husband and I had a light lunch at Salish today. Was nice. We have visited the Snoqualmie Falls many times but never went inside the lodge.


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