Excursion #2

Went shopping in Seattle area yesterday. Among the items purchased: Bruce Lee wristband (neat to wear during workouts for motivation. It has a tree of life on the front and Bruce Lee on the side/back), a Slytherin t-shirt, new bellyring and an angry little girls! tote to replace my cumbersome purse.

The angry little girls! site is pretty funny. I feel I can relate to each of the girls in some form or another. They are:  Kim the angry little asian girl; Deborah the disenchanted princess; Maria the crazy little latina; Wanda the fresh little soul sistah; and Xyla full of gloom and doom.

Now excuse me while I go clean the basement to make way for a yoga area.


Grendel component

In the movie Beowulf, the monster Grendel has an achy left ear. Mine is an achy right ear. All month it has been frustrating in the fact that I don’t think I can hear all the way with it anymore and today it feels like it got worse. Maybe some errant water? A pill I stuck in my ear? Who knows. I have a full check-up next week – we’ll see then I suppose. I feel like I am ½way underwater.

this is your life – you own it

We ventured out to a movie theatre today to see Beowulf. I really enjoyed it. Neil Gaiman had a hand in the Screenplay, which was most excellent. Sure it went a bit off the beaten path of the original poem but I thought it was well adapted.

There were a LOT of cool previews! The one that interested me the most: Wanted. Not until March. drat.

There was also a music video from 3 Doors Down on the Army. Who cares if it was an Army commercial. The video ruled. Thank you to this band for honoring the military.

Regarding going to the theatre: It was a matinee so not very crowded – but I still was pretty uncomfortable with all the people around. This is my first time to a movie since I’ve returned home. I have been to the mall a couple times but that has always been during a week-day.

I am still exercising! Today I went to the gym later in the day due to the movie. I didn’t go until 4pm, and was there until 5:30pm. Although it seemed more crowded than usual, one of the elliptical’s I really like was available. Then I worked on upper-body strength. It was a younger crowd today. I guess my usual time is with the housewives and retirees. Which suits me just fine.

I am still loosing weight, but this time it’s healthy-getting-in-shape loss not forgetting-to-eat loss.

PS: The movie Jumper looked pretty cool, too.

PPS: This wasn’t one of the previews, but damit. An Omega Man redux. With Will Smith. rock on. I Am Legend. December 14th. Sweet.

Great American Smokeout

Looks like today was the annual Great American Smokeout day. Congratz to any and all who are current smokers who were willing and able to quit for the day. Try again. and again and again. Eventually it really will be your last day.

Back when I did smoke, I remember seeing this day on the news: Laughing and then lighting up. Nothing made me want to smoke more than someone telling me to quit.

I successfully stopped smoking in April 2007. Here’s how I did it:

Obtain one Fullmetal Alchemist tattoo two weeks before quit date.

fma Ouroboros tattoo

fma Ouroboros tattoo

This serves as a visual reminder that I have made a commitment and a promise to myself. Tattoo not recommended for everyone but hell – it worked for me.

Chantix. If you can get it – use it. I only used it up to my quit date. I have never smoked since. Chantix really took the pleasure out of smoking the two weeks I was on it while smoking towards my quit date. By the time my quit date rolled around I was actually thankful I was smoking my last cigarette. Tasted terrible.

Allen Carr and The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. Great book. I read this the day after my quit date. In his book Mr Carr does what I like to call a ‘reverse brainwashing’ about the ‘joys’ of smoking.

quitmeter.com. Fun site. According to this for me: Today is 29 weeks, 5 hours, 29 minutes, 23 seconds since my last cigarette. 3,454 smokes not smoked… $1,131.18 saved.

That’s just nice to read every so often. And it gets better every day.

health related post

  • How High Should Heart Rates Go? Good article on understanding your Heart Rate.
  • The Yoga Garden. It’s not enough that I have started exercising approximately 1½hrs @ 5 days a week. Now I feel the need for Yoga?

    The Yoga Garden is right by my gym. Massage is also part of their services. My lower back has started to feel a light strain/pull of… something. I just started stretching after every work-out this week, but my back remains a bit off. Sitting in my massage chair at home helps a bit. I think I’ll look into it. Also I do believe I require this type of thing for health related purposes of my mind.

    They offer some type of % discount to Thrive members. Always a good motivator – to feel like you’re saving money when in reality you’re just spending it.

  • First I’ll try the GAIAM Balance Ball and DVD that I got last year for xmas that I’ve never used for it’s true purpose (I found the 55cm ball makes a killer foot-rest under my computer desk). Maybe I won’t need to visit a Yoga facility, after all.