Every Day is a Self Portrait

Today was my first day out driving since my return from India.

I got dressed, went to REI to see if they had the F55 heart rate monitor watch (they did not… they had the F11 but I have decided on the F55). So I returned home, changed – and went on a Trail Walk since I didn’t visit Thrive today. I took many pictures throughout the day and a LOT on my walk.

self 022

I’ll upload the pictures to flickr one day and link back to this post.


starting to work it out

This week I have been taking daily walks on parts of a nature trail. I haven’t been walking the entire Trail but the area is quite large. Yesterday I walked 3.3 miles in the rain. brrrr wet & cold.

Across the way from home is a Thrive Community Fitness Center, which I have visited gathering information on their programs and what they have to offer. I decided to sign up to get some Routine in my Life: Workout at Thrive, walk home in a round-about way via the Trail.

Today was my first official day. At Thrive I walked on an elliptical for 30 or so minutes … then worked my arms and legs on some Isolation weight stations. Walked home via short part of Trail.

When I returned from home there were flowers from work. Nice.

culture shock

Culture shock. combine that all into one weekend. it’s not pretty.
Culture shock manifests itself in different forms with different people but some symptoms can be the ones in the following list.
  • eating more than usual – gaining weight
  • not eating enough – loss of weight
  • having an increased need for hygiene – e.g. cleaning the flat on a daily basis
  • calling home much more often than usual
  • being hostile / complaining all the time about the hosting country / culture
  • avoiding meeting people
  • increased need of sleep

why don’t we ever see it coming?