strikethrough 07

I was on LJ during this time. It was interesting to see the world explode.


cinco de mayo

Mekare is doing better. Her blood levels are getting better and she’s eating some catfood by herself. In fact, since I overslept a bit, Raven tells me that Mekare went downstairs and right up to her desk demanding to be fed! YAY good sign!

Today she seems a little droopy because she’s recovering. She didn’t get a hair cut because I don’t want to stress her out too much at this time. Plus if we shaved her fur off she would be so cold! Considering she lost ½ her body weight. 

This is Meeko, Mekare’s brother. This is his default expression. That tongue cracks me up. He got shaved today, if you couldn’t tell!

Meeko !

Meeko !