The Easy Way to Stop Smoking

I just read a book a friend gave to me last week when I told her about my quit date: The Easy Way to Stop Smoking.

If you know someone who wants to really quit smoking then give them that book. It’s not a scare tactic book. It does not beat us over the head with stuff we don’t already know (money savings, bad for health, etc) however it does mention it.

It talks about the why people smoke – what drives them to do it – how to recognize the signals and overcome the brainwashing around smoking. It also talks about withdrawals and substitutions (eating food or chewing gum, etc) and how do deal with that.

A lot of the things he mentions in that book I worked my way up to recognizing the month while I was mentally preparing for my quit date, but I’m still very happy I was able to read the book. It gave me a lot of pointers to help myself in the near and very far future if I ever question the fact – should I go ahead and light up? Of course my shiny new tattoo will be a visual reminder for the rest of my life not to light up – but that was the whole point behind that.

There is no such thing as ‘just one cigarette’. I have not given up anything. I have gained Freedom.

In other news: I think Mekare my cat is (hopefully) getting better. I still have to force-feed her but she eats other things on her own. Her blood is going to be checked again on Monday to see if her liver is getting any better.


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