in training

I am in Portland for training the next few days. The drive from Seattle was nice. I hardly listened to any music and just stayed inside my head. Random thoughts clashed and gave me headaches but I made it here okay! And I didn’t smoke in the car!!!! My quit date is Friday. The medicine (Chantix) is working. My cravings have dropped way off and cigarettes taste terrible, but so does soda and most food too. I suppose this way I won’t gain weight when I quit, since the medication is for 12 weeks, eh?

I am on the eighth floor in the hotel – right down in an old area in the city and I can see into windows and everything (why, yes it has been some time since I’ve stayed in a big downtown type city). My windows are open too. However, I do think I’ll close the curtins in the bathroom when I take a shower tonight – considering the shower stall is 100% see-through glass.


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