t- 11 days but who's counting?

I smoked over the weekend. But I only had 5 smokes vs the 15+ I usually smoke. It was hard, and every time I went on the stoop to smoke I felt guilty. I suppose that is good. Last week I left my smokes at work so I couldn’t smoke at home. It was weird smoking at home this weekend when I hadn’t for the last four work nights.

My tattoo is almost healed. Part of it had a scab that took forever to fall off (I didn’t pick at it either – go me!). I think the scab puckered the skin a bit. However it’s still in the healing process since it’s only nine days old. I forget how they heal. I’m pretty confidant that it will be smooth in the long run.

Quit Date 04/27/07. I find the more people I tell I have a quit date the more I believe it myself.


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