My tattoo is healing. It’s now raised a bit and starting to scab over. That’s always a scary time because if it starts flaking you think it’s ruined, but it’s not.

I also lucked out in having the owner of the shop work my tattoo. She was in town from Olympia. She visits the Monroe shop every other week Friday & Saturdays. When I went there she remembered my e-mail and didn’t have an appointment for another hour so fit me in! I’ll see her again in 6 weeks for touch-up after this has healed. I also want to do something with the dragon I have on my hip. It’s 17 years old and very faded.

I remember when I got the heart on my shoulder Bennu was with me. She said the guy who did my tattoo was shaking but as soon as the needle hit the skin the shaking would stop. Worrying, but funny.


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