fresh out of pain – just got a tattoo

I am the proud bearer of a Fullmetal Alchemist Homunculi tattoo which is an Ouroboros . It is on my right forearm and it looks just like this:

my fma Ouroboros tattoo

my fma Ouroboros tattoo




My last tattoo is an Ankh in the middle/lower back with some tribal flames around it, all black. At the time I either wanted that or a snake eating its tail (ouroboros).  Since I didn’t have a design in mind for the snake I went with the Ankh. 

What this means to me:  I’ve been a fan of the FMA anime for quite some time now. I’ve been using this icon as my IM icon for months. Last week it dawned on me it’s the perfect ouroboros tattoo for me. Besides the Ankh on my back I have a brick heart on my left shoulder and a dragon on my left hip. I have a lot of issues with my right side (broken ankle, ripped rotator cuff, scars, etc) and I figured my right side was not protected. I got the tattoo on my right forearm to represent balance in a way. My tattoos now make a nice triangle in representation across my body. Plus Ed in FMA lost his right arm so it represents him.

42 is my favorite number. You may notice that this theme is my blog oboros42.

Also with the right forearm representation: Spouse has been asking me to quit smoking for 6 years now. I know I won’t do it for myself and that is how you should stop smoking (in my opinion) for yourself not others. So this is my Equivalent Exchange (an FMA reference). I got something for me (tattoo) and I’ll stop smoking for him (yes I know it’s best for me in the long run to stop anyway). I smoke w/ my right arm so now I have that as a visual reminder of my exchange.


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