The Easy Way to Stop Smoking

I just read a book a friend gave to me last week when I told her about my quit date: The Easy Way to Stop Smoking.

If you know someone who wants to really quit smoking then give them that book. It’s not a scare tactic book. It does not beat us over the head with stuff we don’t already know (money savings, bad for health, etc) however it does mention it.

It talks about the why people smoke – what drives them to do it – how to recognize the signals and overcome the brainwashing around smoking. It also talks about withdrawals and substitutions (eating food or chewing gum, etc) and how do deal with that.

A lot of the things he mentions in that book I worked my way up to recognizing the month while I was mentally preparing for my quit date, but I’m still very happy I was able to read the book. It gave me a lot of pointers to help myself in the near and very far future if I ever question the fact – should I go ahead and light up? Of course my shiny new tattoo will be a visual reminder for the rest of my life not to light up – but that was the whole point behind that.

There is no such thing as ‘just one cigarette’. I have not given up anything. I have gained Freedom.

In other news: I think Mekare my cat is (hopefully) getting better. I still have to force-feed her but she eats other things on her own. Her blood is going to be checked again on Monday to see if her liver is getting any better.


Day One

My stop smoking date is today. I think I’m doing well since my last smoke was 5pm yesterday. I really don’t have cravings. Mostly like a ‘hmm what should I do now’ thought.

I meant to weigh myself this morning – Will have to do that tonight. I want to weigh myself once a week for the next couple months to see if stopping smoking is affecting anything like that. Just out of curiosity, really. I have no idea what my weight is right now.

in training

I am in Portland for training the next few days. The drive from Seattle was nice. I hardly listened to any music and just stayed inside my head. Random thoughts clashed and gave me headaches but I made it here okay! And I didn’t smoke in the car!!!! My quit date is Friday. The medicine (Chantix) is working. My cravings have dropped way off and cigarettes taste terrible, but so does soda and most food too. I suppose this way I won’t gain weight when I quit, since the medication is for 12 weeks, eh?

I am on the eighth floor in the hotel – right down in an old area in the city and I can see into windows and everything (why, yes it has been some time since I’ve stayed in a big downtown type city). My windows are open too. However, I do think I’ll close the curtins in the bathroom when I take a shower tonight – considering the shower stall is 100% see-through glass.


My baby girl Mekare was diagnosed with Hepatic Lipidosis known as “feline fatty liver syndrome”. She was in the hospital a couple days and now she’s home. This is not related to the recall food. My other 3 cats are fine. It’s just her.

The treatment is to force-feed her. I take her back in 10 days for more blood work to see if the force-feeding is helping.

She has lost 4lbs. I’ve had cats all my life and never heard of this. For more information see Pet Health: Hepatic Lipidosis in Cats.

It was hard to tell she lost so much weight because of her hair.

skinny mekare

skinny mekare

t- 11 days but who's counting?

I smoked over the weekend. But I only had 5 smokes vs the 15+ I usually smoke. It was hard, and every time I went on the stoop to smoke I felt guilty. I suppose that is good. Last week I left my smokes at work so I couldn’t smoke at home. It was weird smoking at home this weekend when I hadn’t for the last four work nights.

My tattoo is almost healed. Part of it had a scab that took forever to fall off (I didn’t pick at it either – go me!). I think the scab puckered the skin a bit. However it’s still in the healing process since it’s only nine days old. I forget how they heal. I’m pretty confidant that it will be smooth in the long run.

Quit Date 04/27/07. I find the more people I tell I have a quit date the more I believe it myself.


My tattoo is healing. It’s now raised a bit and starting to scab over. That’s always a scary time because if it starts flaking you think it’s ruined, but it’s not.

I also lucked out in having the owner of the shop work my tattoo. She was in town from Olympia. She visits the Monroe shop every other week Friday & Saturdays. When I went there she remembered my e-mail and didn’t have an appointment for another hour so fit me in! I’ll see her again in 6 weeks for touch-up after this has healed. I also want to do something with the dragon I have on my hip. It’s 17 years old and very faded.

I remember when I got the heart on my shoulder Bennu was with me. She said the guy who did my tattoo was shaking but as soon as the needle hit the skin the shaking would stop. Worrying, but funny.

fresh out of pain – just got a tattoo

I am the proud bearer of a Fullmetal Alchemist Homunculi tattoo which is an Ouroboros . It is on my right forearm and it looks just like this:

my fma Ouroboros tattoo

my fma Ouroboros tattoo




My last tattoo is an Ankh in the middle/lower back with some tribal flames around it, all black. At the time I either wanted that or a snake eating its tail (ouroboros).  Since I didn’t have a design in mind for the snake I went with the Ankh. 

What this means to me:  I’ve been a fan of the FMA anime for quite some time now. I’ve been using this icon as my IM icon for months. Last week it dawned on me it’s the perfect ouroboros tattoo for me. Besides the Ankh on my back I have a brick heart on my left shoulder and a dragon on my left hip. I have a lot of issues with my right side (broken ankle, ripped rotator cuff, scars, etc) and I figured my right side was not protected. I got the tattoo on my right forearm to represent balance in a way. My tattoos now make a nice triangle in representation across my body. Plus Ed in FMA lost his right arm so it represents him.

42 is my favorite number. You may notice that this theme is my blog oboros42.

Also with the right forearm representation: Spouse has been asking me to quit smoking for 6 years now. I know I won’t do it for myself and that is how you should stop smoking (in my opinion) for yourself not others. So this is my Equivalent Exchange (an FMA reference). I got something for me (tattoo) and I’ll stop smoking for him (yes I know it’s best for me in the long run to stop anyway). I smoke w/ my right arm so now I have that as a visual reminder of my exchange.