ooooh, shiny!

  • Got haircut. Vertical bob. I thought I’d never have ‘short’ hair again but was sick of it long and stringy. I can pull it back in a clip if I try really hard when it’s wet however I do like it down. Easy maintenance and I think it looks fine with or without it being styled. Score for my hairdresser!
  • Tried snowboarding at the end of January for first (possibly last) time. Week later diagnosed with a rotator cuff injury on my right shoulder. Am now going to PT twice a week to exercise & heal it back up to shape. It’s a pain to work at a computer, sleep, get dressed. But hey! snowboarding was fun – except the part where I kept falling on the ice-packed snow.
  • Spouse bought us copies of World of Warcraft. I played a lot at first. Have tapered down since above injury.
  • Graduated from the Effective Communications & Human Relations Dale Carnegienight class that I’ve been taking for the last few months. I am now confident at work. For Real. I still blush sometimes, but that’s just my genetic make-up that I’ll have to live with forever. I hope Sylar dosen’t think blushing is an ability.
  • 100% cancelled my TV service. The DirecTV vendor in our area sucks. They have cost me 5 work days over the last 4 months by not ever fixing what they were supposed to fix. So after 8 years as a customer no more. Now we watch TV via whatever the iTunes TV thingy is.
    • Heroes and SV are the only shows I watched anyway.
  • Gave up on BSG. I stopped watching the show about 4 episodes into the new season. It grates on me for some reason. Spouse still watches it. I do miss Baltair.
  • Saw 300 Friday. GO SEE THIS MOVIE! It’s full of hot men & they do have hot women too (not as much screen time tho), stunning visuals and gladiator porn! (that’s fighting, btw). I can’t wait to own it. I may see it in the theater again. I hate going to the movie theater. For this movie – I will go again.
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