snow driving

ORV in the snow

ORV in the snow

The driveway was too frozen for my car to make it out. Raven and I went to the store on my Polaris ATV! It was much fun. I think we made a lot of people smile on the drive down. We even drove through the bank drive-through and the customers inside were smiling and laughing. Someone even took our picture from their car! And then on the way down to the store we had a lot of “WHOO-HOO” hollars.


game on!

My the other ½ of my xmas present from Joe was delivered last night. We Had some friends help put it together. The first ½ was an Office Chair! The second ½ is… a Computer Desk! And it’s HUGE!!!

Now I have tons of room to spread out my keyboard/mouse and… Drawing Tablet! YAY! I’ve had the tablet for a year and have only drawn a few things on it. Now I have no more excuse. I need to re-install my drawing software and then start drawing like I wanted to last year. I’m so excited.

On a football note: I’m not a huge fan but we got tickets to the game today. We’re going with a couple friends that are in town. I don’t think SeaHawks are doing very well this year team-wise and it’s amazing they have made it this far. Perhaps it’s their year! I still chear for them. Seattle is my home town now. I can’t believe I’ve lived here going on eight years.

Hope you all have a good weekend!