not posting as much…

Why don’t I post anymore? That’s a question I have been asking myself for the last couple months, and don’t have a real answer but the fact I’m lazy.
A summary of the last month:

Turkey Day was nice. My mom & dad were in town from Utah (for a week!), and my Uncle and his family came out also. Along with a friend Mike and our renter Raven* there were 10 total. My husband,  friends Mike and Raven cooked up a storm while I sat back and drank. Was great.

The winter storm was interesting in November. We in Western Washington don’t know how to maneuver in snow much, since it doesn’t happen that often. But we got the parents to the airport OK in the truck.

This weekend Seattle area had a nice big wind storm (65mph in our area). No trees fell on our house and we were only out of power for about 36 hours. Joe & the neighbors had a chainsaw party Friday morning (the neighborhood road was blocked by trees) while Raven & I helped drag the cut-up trees/branches off the road. I didn’t think to take my camera out. It’s too late now as Joe & Mike cut up all the felled trees yesterday into two cords of wood.

*Raven is living downstairs while she’s saving up $ for a house. She had been currently living in appartment that was turned into a Condo. She had the option to buy or move, so she’s with us for now. My husband is pretty neat.


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