moved in, vacation and heat

Back from vacation, all moved into the new house. No Internet access at home though. They say tomorrow we should have it. Watched Superman Returns on Saturday. It was OK. It’s hot as hell. Spouse shaved all four persian cats right before the heat wave hit.

We went to FL for vacation. Went on a cruise in celebration of Joe’s great-aunts 50th wedding anniversary. We had a cabin with a deck. It was all so very pretty. Of course we tried to stay out of the sun the whole time!

On our return we purchased the new Xbox 360. We joked that sales are so hot here in WA, we had to go all the way to FL to purchase one! Kinda true.


New home

Moved into our new home. The man went crabbing with our now-old neighbor, while I got to stay behind and clean up the new house. Fun times!